Photo: Courtesy of Terry Richardson

1) Sports paraphernalia: We know you love [insert regional sports team here] and that you want us to love them as well, but we can do that without wearing their oversized, unflattering jersey.


2) Pyjamas: Why does this always seem to be the default gift? Our dresser is still overflowing with past year’s matching sets.
3) Personal trainer: Yes, we’ve made a resolution to get fit in 2016—but we don’t want to have to answer to our trainer and you when we skip a session.
4) Christmas sweater: Thanks for gifting us something that we can’t even wear again until next year.
5) Passion plays: You may enjoy golfing, hunting or fishing, but we’d appreciate something a little special that doesn’t require 18 rounds and an entire Saturday down the drain.

6) Perfume + lotion gift set: We prefer our custom signature scent over something pre-packaged.

7) Home appliances, an apron, or cookware: What are you trying to imply?

8) Socks: Nobody in the history of Christmas has ever been excited to open a pair of socks.
9) Candles: Please don’t attempt to light our fire with a peppermint swirl-scented candle.
From: Harper’s BAZAAR US