Maximalism rages on in 2022. While minimalistic fashion will forever be considered effortlessly cool, it seems to be taking a backseat in a pandemic-stricken world. The ante to show up and show out has been raised whenever Fashion Week hits over the last two years. 

When we think of maximalist fashion, we tend to associate it with Harajuku-inspired fits, campy patterns, excessive layering, audacious silhouettes, and in general, styles that are terribly hard to pull off. But there is more than meets the eye with maximalism — literally and figuratively.

To some, maximalist fashion is messy and lacks thought but that isn’t always true. Maximalist Queen of TikTok, Sara Camposarcone, earned her title for her unapologetic styling choices and bringing her 376,000 followers behind the scenes to show them how she conceptualises an outfit.

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Sara’s content is fun, outlandish and offbeat — in the best way, of course — but it is also an important lesson on curation. Maximalism and minimalism are rooted in fine arts and as such, take on many iterations as time goes by — it’s the same in fashion. 

Even Kim Kardashian who had been repping simple, clean, and sophisticated looks over the years has opened up to looks with troves of complexity. Some would say her divorce with Ye might have been the turning point but as a fashion chameleon, this seems natural for her lifestyle in the public eye.

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Recent street styles spotted en route to fashion shows are writing a new chapter of maximalism fashion in a more modern approach – streamline, if you will. The days when fashionistas would try to match the vibe of the specific designers are long gone, swapping it out for individuality, wow-factor and a whole lot of showmanship. 

It’s less about throwing everything but the kitchen sink into a look. It’s more about picking a theme and pushing it to the eccentric-nth degree of wearability. It is also interesting to see how modern maximalism manifests and varies in different countries where culture plays a big role in the grand scheme of fashion – let’s take a peek.

Milan: All About Textures

When it comes to the colour palette, Milan leaned mostly towards muted tones of beige, brown, black and white. However, the way they chose to stand out was through textures. We’re talking suede, lace, ropes, tweed, patent leather and the works. These elements combine together into a contrasting delight – some faith is needed to go from a concept in one’s head and into reality but the result is totally worth it.

Paris: All About Art

Parisian fashion has been coveted as one of the best styles in the world and we can see why. Bold looks with graphic prints, jacquard and metalwork were popular choices. Even for the classic little black dress, the city compels the element of drama such as an Ostrich feather fascinator. Also, it takes guts to walk around beautiful Paris with stuffed animals on your body and small LV bags in your hair.

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Copenhagen: All About Colour & Prints

The rainy weather cannot get the Danish down. They love their colour and prints and they aren’t afraid to show it. Almost every look captured had a bright element – from turtlenecks, coats, shoes, accessories to the hair clips snatching their hair together. The culmination of bold hues and intricate patterns makes each look the perfect fashion pick-me-up. Who wouldn’t want to start their day like that?

New York: All About Mixing & Matching

Not including New York City street style would be a sin. For decades, the city, its people and its fashion go through phases and this time, matching vastly different pieces together reign supreme. Using tried and tested methods of colour blocking and monochromatic dressing, New Yorkers look as chic as ever despite the snowy weather and being warmly wrapped up in down jackets.