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If you’re tired of wearing just colours, paisley is the perfect alternative to spruce up your wardrobe. However this is a tricky print to pull off — it either reminds you call of a sofa cushion or brings back fond memories of a romantic Moroccan beach getaway.

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The paisley print has its roots in Persia and usually takes the shape of a twisted teardrop-like pattern. The design represents the cypress tree, a Zoroastrian symbol of life and eternity. The name as we know now originates from the town of Paisley in west Scotland. It made its way into mainstream fashion and on to the runways of JW Anderson (Autumn/Winter ’11), Topman (Spring/Summer ’12), Ashish (Spring/Summer ’17) and is a regular fixture at Etro (Spring/Summer ’14, Autumn/Winter ’19, Spring/Summer ’20)

Scroll through our gallery to find out how to stand out in a crowd with the paisley print.

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