How To Pull Off Linen in Singapore

Keeping it cool and breezy to beat the summer heat. By Charmaine Tan

Where we embrace imperfections and continue to celebrate the French could-care-less attitude of cool today, it seems there may finally be a place for linen. So before you pack your suitcases en route to your next holiday destination, consider these 9 ways you can work summer’s most cooling fabric into your summer wardrobe.

  1. 1. Linen Blazers

  2. Wear the linen version of the classic staple to the beach and the office. Leave it unbuttoned with some cotton shorts for the weekend, or wear it as a top with any fitted bottom for a sophisticated look. The playful assortment of buttons on this Rejina Pyo piece makes a case to try out the latter. Rest assured, this twist to the smart uniform will bring the Gallic sea-breeze with you, wherever you go.


2. Linen Pants

Though dismissed as informal, it is worth embracing the inevitable creases in all its sincerity. If you are still unsure about adding it to the work closet, consider linen-blends like this striped Bleu de France cropped pants or these empowering Staud flared pants.

3. Linen Shirts

Don’t be obsessed with ironing out every single crease. The allure of the summer fabric is its softness being organic to its form. So on top of making full use of its stellar ventilation properties, we recommend going for universally flattering cream shirts like this to really emanate that charming nonchalance so well carried out by our Parisien sisters.

If you are a little bit more adventurous, try linen-and-print like this Maison Margiela ode to Hawaiian vacations—it’s that time of the year after all.

4. Linen Jackets

Who says layering only works for cold weather? Add some texture and dimension to your look with this ruby red jacket from Zara or this khaki cropped jacket from Off-White. Linen makes jackets more tolerable even in sweltering hot temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about walking down Orchard Road while melting inside.

5. Linen Dresses

Summer is about being spirited and carefree, and twirling in dresses is easily the embodiment of that insouciance. Hop on the pastel bandwagon with this polka dot Lisa Marie Fernandaz maxi, or opt for this bold emerald dress from Mara Hoffman to help make your presence in the room known without being overly loud.

As a plus, try this Gabriela Hearst dress to look good and feel good. The Gertrude dress is one of the  brand’s few linen pieces that is treated with aloe. Packed with extra moisturizing capabilities, it seems being dressed in linen really does keep things nice and chill. Literally.

6. Linen Shorts and Miniskirts

Beyond the weather, linen takes on casual basics can also help you stand out from the downtown crowd or the holidayers down by the coast. This Saint Laurent lace-up shorts and Isabel Marant Etoile miniskirt are examples of how linen can naturally lighten the mood of a commute to the supermarket.

7. Linen Midi Skirts

For a more girly look


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