The iconic Prada Triangle logo gets a spiffy refresh! The Italian house just debuted the Symbole bag line that features a new rendition of the logo. First used by Mario Prada, the founder of the brand in 1913, the Triangle was once a mark of quality and a symbol of luxury. Today, the shape is immediately associated with Prada – a distinct and unique marker that’s tied to the history and identity of Prada.

Photo: Prada, Artist: Catherine Opie

Woven into the fabric of the Symbole handbags, totes and suitcase, the jacquard Triangles retain its century-old purpose as a stamp of luxury and expert craftsmanship that has always been associated with Prada. 

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Photo: Prada, Artist: Carrie Mae Weems

To capture the essence of the Symbole, the house roped in Euphoria actor Hunter Schafer and three powerhouse artists – Catherine Opie, Thomas Ruff and Carrie Mae Weems – to create images that are distinctively different while using the same bag and model. 

Opie’s work centred around the body and identity, sculpting Schafer into triangles that connect both woman and bag as one. Ruff’s interpretation, on the other hand, distorts and manipulates reality, while Weems’ image was an amalgamation of identity, representation and projection. 

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Photo: Prada, Artist: Thomas Ruff

These images do not merely serve the campaign but they are also a graphic representation of the codes of Prada, showing how the house and the creatives are masters of their craft.

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