The Most Iconic Celebrity Birkin Moments Ever

From Victoria Beckham to Miranda Kerr, everyone who's anyone has this Holy Grail of handbags. By Michelle Varinata

A Birkin is not just another leather bag made by Hermès. It is the world’s most popular accessory with a ridiculously long waiting list and high price tag. It’s often referenced and quoted in many TV shows and movies (e.g. Sex and the City; Gilmore Girls). No matter where you buy it (whether it be the Hermès store or an auction), you need to get prepared to max out your credit card.

Named after British actress/singer Jane Birkin, the purse was personally created for her after she spilled the contents from her straw bag in front of the French luxury house’s chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas at an airplane. Both of them birthed the iconic two-strap handbag by drawing it on a sick bag. Although the original muse doesn’t wear her namesake purse due to materialism and animal rights, all of us remember the legacy she set.

With Birkin as the original endorser, celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Pippa Middleton and Kate Moss follow Jane’s footsteps. Even if a celebrity’s image is less than stellar (e.g. Lindsay Lohan), she is still willing to sport the handbag in public.

Catch all of your favourite celebrities creating the most memorable moments in their beloved Birkins.

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