Wear white jeans instead of blue. It’s more sophisticated and unexpected.

Drink fresh carrot juice every day. It’s great for your skin.

Do meditation every day. I don’t succeed at it, but I should. It changes your life and everything else.

Call your friends and organise lunches and dinners to see them more often. Don’t keep saying “we have to see each other quick!” and not do it.

Follow me on twitter @lafressange… and send me a picture of you.

Go to the dentist and have a real good clean.

Write letters with a fountain pen. It’s such a beautiful thing to do.

Go to bed earlier and wake up cheerier.

Tell your lover he is great looking. You will discover quickly how much this is great advice.

Throw or give away plenty of your clothes. You will find yourself happier and chicer.

Buy everything you used to buy in black in navy blue instead. Everyone looks great in a navy blue sweater. And dye everything you already owned to indigo.

Wear Roger Vivier ballerinas but dress up in Uniqlo.

Use L’Oréal makeup. It’s good quality and easy to apply.

Adopt L’Ambre. My favourite perfume from Roger Vivier.