This Is What Actually Makes An Investment Piece

Chanel bag investment piece
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Christmas is coming but, before you make your wish-list, it might be worth considering which pieces actually make a wise investment.

Luxury resale online store Vestiaire Collective has published a fashion resale index, charting the brands and styles that perform best when sold on. Hermès is the most popular brand, followed by Chanel and Saint Laurent.

“They all manage to combine at least two of the key metrics needed to keep a high interest in the brand,” Vestiaire founder Fanny Moizant told us. “There are three main points to look out for in a good fashion investment; the first is quality. Good craftsmanship is key to a sound investment and is guaranteed to give a piece longevity in the marketplace.”

Vestiaire Collective founder Fanny Moizant

“Desirability is also key, pieces that have a high level of interest will retain a higher price, finally rarity is also a key factor. Limited availability of a brand or product helps increase desirability within the resale market and keep prices high” says Moizant. She has cited luxury classics – the Chanel Timeless and 2.55, along with the Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags – as having enduring appeal. The Valentino Rockstud collection has also performed well since its launched six years ago, as have Isabel Marant’s Bobby boots.

For those new to Vestiaire, the company has also launched a resale calculator which makes pricing your designer goods even easier.

So how do you turn yourself into a fashion investor? Moizant lists her top three tips

1. Behave like a trader

“Sell pieces when they are still in demand – hot items you will be able to recoup the majority of the original retail price for, if you sell within the same season of purchase. Overall an item’s desirability decreases significantly after two to three seasons from release, with the exception of a small number of collectors pieces.”

2. Ensure they’re kept in good condition

“Keep your pieces in perfect condition by keeping them in their original storage. Make sure you keep all the original accessories that came with your item such as dust-bag, authenticity card, original box and tags.”

3. Take time over the photography

“When putting an item up for sale, advertise it in the best possible light including clear shots of all angles and details with an in-depth description, and of course sell through a trusted resale site which will help ensure a stronger asking price.”

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK 

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