Jason Wu
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Last week, we caught up with Jason Wu over breakfast in Taipei where he revealed to us a secret project he’s been working on, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Ready? Here goes. GREY Jason Wu (his other line, simply described as “Jason Wu off-duty”) has partnered with Malaysian bag specialist, Sometime by Asian Designers, to create a collection of bags which will be sold exclusively on Zalora Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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Here are 5 things you need to know about this exclusive GREY Jason Wu x Sometime by Asian Designers collaboration:

Tell us more about the GREY Jason Wu x Sometime by Asian Designers collaboration. How did it come about?

Zalora and Sometime by Asian Designers approached me about a year ago. I didn’t know much about either brands then, so I was really interested in learning about them. As part of my expansion plan for my company is to have a more significant presence in Asia in the next 10 years. So, this was a great opportunity for me to work with someone (Zalora) who knows the South East Asian market, and with Sometime, which is a manufacturer and specialist in bags in Malaysia.

It’s really interesting—a new way of retail and marketing through Zalora where everything is online. I hear they do next day deliveries too!

Why GREY Jason Wu, and not Jason Wu for the collaboration?

I’ve decided to do the GREY Jason Wu x Sometime collaboration because GREY’s more casual, and I wanted this collection to be much more accessible (price point) and more casual. The bags are definitely designed as something that everyone can enjoy.

What was the inspiration behind the collection?

The artworks by artist, Josef Albers. The bags are going to be super colourful, with different colour combinations. It will consists of two sizes—a tote bag, and a mini tote. It’s going to be super cute.

Describe the GREY Jason Wu x Sometime by Asian Designers woman in 3 words:

Chic, Sophisticated, Fun

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If the collection were to have a face, whose would it be?

Nanao would be perfect for it! My friend, Kate (Bosworth) would love the collection too.

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Jason Wu also gave tips on where to go when in Taipei (there isn’t a foodie we don’t love!), travel must-haves, and his most treasured bag…

What is/was your most treasured bag?

I have a Louis Vuitton backpack that my mum gave me when I was 15. I still have it, but I don’t it that often anymore, because you know… it’s really precious. It’s the first luxury item I ever got. I mean backpacks are making a comeback now, so maybe I should take it out for a spin again.


You travel pretty often. What are the 5 items that you always have in your carry-on bag and why?

My iPhone, of course. Moleskin notebook and Sharpie for me to sketch on-the-go, SK-II face mask… very important. I’m also obsessed with Kao MegRhythm steam eye mask! It’s the best.

How often do you come home to Taiwan? Does being back here inspire you creatively?

This has been the longest trip that I’ve been back here—a week! And yes, I love it here! I just introduced my perfume last year, and it uses the Jasmine flower which is what I grew up with here in Taiwan. My background and my travels definitely informed a lot of my work. You know, it’s the most visually stimulating… from the different cultures, museums, and even on the streets.

What are the must-dos when you’re back here?

Go to the night market, Din Tai Feng… I have to. I also go to my mum’s restaurant (WONMI restaurant in Taipei). I’m all about food and beauty. Food.

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What was your takeaway from visiting Singapore last year? What were some of your most memorable moments?

The food, of course was great. I also went to the Esplanade area, which I haven’t been to since I was six—it has really evolved! It was really fun to be part of Singapore Fashion Week as well.

Name 3 instagram accountrs that you’re obsessed with.

Rul Paul (@rulpaulofficial), Pat McGrath (@patmcgrathreal), and Hungry in Taipei (@hungryintaipei)

The limited-edition GREY Jason Wu x Sometime by Asian Designers collection will be available on Zalora in May/June 2018.