5 Pointers To Note Before Queuing For Pablo Merchandise

Like yourselves, we have rushed down to the recently announced ‘Life of Pablo’ pop up store during lunch hour only to find 300 others in front of us queuing. During the entire 15 minute cab ride from the office to Suntec Tower 1, we kept ourselves constantly updated via Instagram and Twitter hoping for any updates. So, before you head down to the store (situated beside Aldo) this evening/weekend, here are some pointers to note:

1. A total of 12 designs are available for sale

  1. 2. One person is limited to 5 purchases

  1. 3. In addition to the main line, there will be city exclusive pieces, each imprinted with “SINGAPORE” in classic gothic script

  1. 4. 15 to 20 people allowed in the shop at one point of time


  1. 5. Price starts from $60 to $400


By Desiree Liew