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Harper’s BAZAAR: When did you launch Leontine?

Emelie Torling: I started Leontine when I lived with my husband in Los Angeles in 2012. I started creating jewelry and boots to wear myself and it has only grown organically since then.

HB: What’s the meaning behind the name?

ET: ​Leontine is my middle name, it´s french and it means “Lioness”. The meaning of the name stands for what I believe that all women are within; and that´s also whom I created my brand for. Leontine stands for freedom, love and  rock ‘n’ roll.​

HB: Who is the Leontine girl?

ET: The Leontine woman is a free spirit. She is independent, confident and unafraid of doing things her way, pursuing whatever makes her happy. She is confident in her style and she inspires others to live as free and wild as her. I want the Leontine girl to want to be a muse to herself and to others.​

HB: Is this the first time Kate Moss has worn a piece of yours? What was your reaction?

ET: ​ A client of mine, an amazing stylist and fashion icon; Katy England, bought the shoes from me to give to Kate as a Christmas gift. My first reaction was pure happiness. Kate is the Anita Pallenberg or Brigitte Bardot of our time, she is an icon in every sense, and has always been a huge inspiration to me. So, to see her in a design that I created in my living room was more than an an amazing moment for me. Kate is truly the definition of the Leontine woman.​

HB: You’re also a singer, does that influence your brand?

ET: Music has a huge  influence over everything I do. It’s where I come from and it has always been an inspiration. Lyrics I hear, melodies, songs, musicians… I´m always inspired by music and everything around that world.​

HB: What’s next for Leontine?

ET: ​I’m constantly evolving, always trying something new, always looking for inspiration. My daughter was born one year ago and I have been focusing on my family this year which has been amazing. However, Leontine keeps growing and growing and I have a lot of new designs and ideas that I´m so excited to release in the new year!

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US