kendall jenner, kylie jenner
Photo: FilmMagic

HARPER’S BAZAAR: Describe your personal style. 

KENDALL: I like to keep it simple and classy. I’m not like her [points to Kylie]. She can wear a full-blown gown to lunch. I like a whole Saint Laurent look. I’d call it cool.

KYLIE: I’ll wear heels and a dress to lunch.

HB: What’s your fashion standby?

KENDALL: A pair of mid- or high-rise jeans that look good on the butt, with straight or skinny legs.

KYLIE: A good leather jacket. Everyone needs a good leather jacket.

HB: Who’s your dream wardrobe swap? 

KENDALL: Miranda Kerr or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. They’re super polished.

KYLIE: I think Kim [Kardashian West]. I would want her whole closet if I could switch her shoe size.

HB: What would you never wear? 

KENDALL: I never say never. Fashion is always evolving. And you just never know.

KYLIE: Zebra. Growing up, I was obsessed with zebra. In middle school, I had zebra carpet, pillows, and clothing—everything you could imagine. So I am zebra’d out. I don’t care what company it is or who it is, I’m over zebra.

HB: Heels or flats? 

KENDALL: I love to rock flats, but heels are always good. Heels dress everything up and make your body look sicker.

KYLIE: Heels.

HB: What can’t you live a day without? 

KENDALL: I get really mean or emotional if I don’t have food in my system. I was so hungry the other night that I almost started crying for no reason. I get so emotional! I don’t know why.

KYLIE: Probably my Erewhon drinks and juices.

HB: What’s your favorite city?

KENDALL: L.A. I don’t know if I’m biased and because it’s home. I say it all the time. I’ve been to some of the most amazing cities in the world. Like, Greece was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to, but I don’t know, the vibes here are good and the quality of life is really nice and it’s home. My whole family is here. So maybe I’m biased, but I love L.A.

KYLIE: I really enjoyed going to Monaco and Santorini.

KENDALL: You were in Monaco for less than 24 hours.

KYLIE: Yes, and I enjoyed it. I was in Santorini for only two days and I still loved the place.