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Earlier today, Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Goh shared his tips on how to pull off shorts stylishly with Angelique Teo on One FM 91.3.

1. Luxe material

For women, stick to luxe materials like satin, crepe or even lace. They look expensive and will elevate the look, making it suitable even for the office.

Avoid soft cotton because they crease and bunch up easily and you can look sloppy when your shorts are all wrinkled. 

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2. Knee-length

If you’re thinking of incorporating shorts into your office wardrobe, consider picking tailored shorts that are knee-length. You look smarter instantly and your whole ensemble is less casual. Wear it with a pussy bow silk shirt and a pair of sexy high heels to amp up your outfit.

Just remember to pick them in luxe materials. 

3. Matching outerwear with your shorts

Get a matching tailored jacket or long vest to pair with your shorts. It’s sleek and chic and it saves you time in the morning. 

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4. For men

While men can’t wear shorts to work, if you’re attending a fancy garden wedding, it’s a nice alternative to a stuffy black suit. However, you do need to get it tailored or at the very least, altered by to fit you.

That said, boxier cuts are on trend for short suits, so you can get away without getting a bespoke piece. You can even wear it with a pair of chunky sneakers, or leather shoes. 

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5. It’s all about proportions 

Before you click “add to cart”, consider how the shorts might look on your body. Which means you need to know how your legs look first. If your thighs are as big as a rugby player, then pick a pair that’s more generously proportioned because the slim-fit versions are going to be tight on you. If you have nice long legs like a runner, then choose a pair that’s slightly fitted and tailored that end nicely above the knees. If you’re not big on prints, opt for solid-coloured shorts. Instead of throwing on a simple T-shirt, consider wearing a collared shirt.

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