Dubbed the Rihanna effect, ‘naked’ dresses were worn by celebrities and style starlets alike on and off the red carpet in 2015, which peaked at the MET Gala. There, the likes of Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian West wore unique iterations of the trend by Givenchy, Versace and Roberto Cavalli respectively. In 2020, the trend gets a contemporary and sometimes romantic update and is now called the sheer dress trend.

Earlier today, Harper’s Bazaar Singapore Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Goh shared the best way to wear the trend, and provided tips on how to make it work in one’s favour with Angelique Teo on One FM 91.3.

Don’t get intimidated by the sheer trend because it’s actually quite easy to work into your wardrobe. And when styled right, it can amp up your style quotient with just a bit of skin showing through. Bonus? It’s also the perfect fabric for our endless summer climate.

1. Details Matter

Opt for separates that are sensuous and sweet, with dramatic details such as pleats and frills. If you’d like extra coverage, you can always do it with a coordinating slip or a contrasting bodysuit. 

2. Pick and Choose

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If you’re on the fence about baring it all, opt for something with a ruffled design on the front of your sheer shirt as it can actually provide decent coverage by filling in the empty space. And if that isn’t enough coverage for you, wear your sheer blouse like a jacket, vest or even under overalls.

3. Go Sheer at the Bottom

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A sheer panel skirt, whether it’s at the knees or on the hem of a skirt, is a safe way to show skin while still being covered. 

4. Or Try a Tiered Tulle Skirt 

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The design of a tiered tulle skirt creates the illusion of a solid piece. That said, if you’re still worried about baring it all, wear a matching slip underneath. 

5. Mix It Up

Go for tops and shoes that combine opaque details with mesh or tulle. 

6. For The Dudes

Not everyone can pull off the sheer wear men’s trend quite like Rain does, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. Do like Dolce & Gabbana and wear yours over a tank top or under a jacket.