Exclusive! Kozue Akimoto Tells Us The Secret To Her Effortlessly Cool Style

The Japanese model was in town recently for the reopening of Surrender

If you find Kozue Akimoto‘s name familiar, you wouldn’t be hard pressed to find the extremely photogenic Japanese model across street style blogs. With over 479,000 followers on Instagram, the elfin model is known for her trademark bangs, sharp eyeliner (always on point), and her effortlessly cool style. In town recently for the reopening of Surrender’s newly revamped store and to host an exclusive book signing session in the store, the multi-hyphenate sat down to chat exclusively with BAZAAR about her favourite career moments, approach to style and more.

What is your new book about?

Kozue Akimoto (KA): My previous book was written 5 to 6 years ago. I wrote about what I was thinking of at that moment. This time, it was a totally different thing. I created it with people that I hung out with. It’s named “kozue 2017-2018” for my birth year, and I collaborated with my friends in Korea, who did my photos, and my good friend, Nina did the cover photo for the book.

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How has the response to your book been like?

KA: [For my previous book,] I was keen on keeping a cool image. In my new book, I included more smiling photos, which I have never picked before, so it’s definitely changed and [my fans] seem to enjoy it!

You are looked up to as a style star. What is your secret to being stylish?

KA: I think wearing what I like is the best way [to be stylish] and that’s the only way I like it. In terms of designers, I really like Virgil Abloh and Marcelo Burlon. It’s not about being trendy or anything. I just like the clothes that my friends make.

So, it’s more like a personal thing?

KA: I do like to look at what other girls are wearing, but if they’re not my style, then… (laughs)

What has been your favourite moment in your career so far?

KA: There are so many moments! But if I have to choose one, it would definitely be the Marcelo Burlon runway show that I walked in Milan. At the time, I was thinking of quitting modelling, but when I walked the runway and talked to Marcelo, I was inspired by the conversation and what I experienced on the runway. So I changed my mind and just kept going.

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kozue akimoto

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Now for some quick fire questions! What is your favourite city and why?

KA: Korea, Seoul.

What is something about Tokyo that you keep going back to?

KA: It’s where I was born and grew up. So it always feels familiar, like I’m going back to my parent’s house. (laughs)

What is the last thing you bought for yourself?

KA: (Gestures to her oversized pants) Hyein Seo! I also wore a lot of Hyein Seo clothes in the book.

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What is something you’ll never wear?

KA: Super tight clothes and also, beige or brown.

What is your best selfie trick?

KA: I’m just going to show you on Twitter!


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