Kurt Geiger B Series
Photo: Courtesy of Kurt Geiger

Runway models might make it look effortless but not everyone can pull off skyscraper heels with ease. But the latest additions to Kurt Geiger’s ‘B Series’ collection will give those of us not born for runways the same confidence and swagger.  Deviating from the classic 110mm cigarette heels of its best-selling Bond collection, the new additions to Beauvoir and Beaumont lines (part of the ‘B Series’) are 20mm shorter, but still come with the ultra sleek metal pin heel of their taller counterparts.

Luxe details such as the fur trim and metallic multi-prints of two collections’ court shoes and boots pay homage to the coquettish, über-sleek nature of the original ‘B series’, and Kurt Geiger’s signature modern style is also maintained in the footwear’s markedly sharp pointed toe and broad range of bold and vibrant hues.

Text by Tanya Anthony