Leo Camerini 3.3 Crocodile Handbag in Sparkling Ocean Blue
Leo Camerini 3.3 Crocodile Handbag in Sparkling Ocean Blue

Effortlessly elevating a woman’s grace and style at an instant, a elegantly luxurious handbag is an accessory that stands the test of time. And this is where Italian luxury label Leo Camerini comes in.

“I wanted very much to create an elegant and practical handbag that was able to embody the charisma of the confident woman, through different proportions,” says Founder and Designer Leonardo Camerini of his first handbag. Thus, after a long period of reflection, unfailing determination, not to mention countless sketches, Camerini finally came up with the final design of the 3.3 handbag (so named after the date that it was created, 3rd March), which has since become an icon for the label, thanks to its sleek silhouette, understated elegance and easily recognisable looks.

Today, Leo Camerini continues to be much sought after for its customised designs and it takes much pride in procuring exotic leather from ethical and responsible sources for its Crocodile collection. Artisans at the atelier colour the leather using methods which have been perfected through extensive research and experiments, resulting in an unprecedented array of hues with delightful names such as Rose Flamboyant, Sparkling Ocean Blue, Algae Green and Ultra Purple. Leo Camerini’s bags are also coloured using the unique technique of chiaroscuro (Italian for light and shadow), which produces a special duo-tonal effect that completely alters the original colour of the leather, seamlessly fusing lustre and subtle nuances, allowing the label’s great ingenuity to shine through its bags. It’s clear at a glance that no details are spared when it comes to the impeccable craftsmanship and quality Leo Camerini’s creations.

Leo Camerini Leo30 Crocodile Handbag in Algae Green
Leo Camerini Leo30 Crocodile Handbag in Algae Green

Then, there’s the brand’s Haute Couture collection – a pillar of the brand where Camerini applies his French-Italian heritage: From the use of distinct materials and artisanal Italian craftsmanship techniques, to the pairing of exceptional materials and couture embroidery with exceptional French flair.

The gold hardware of Leo Camerini bags bearing the brand's LC logo
The gold hardware of Leo Camerini bags bear the brand’s LC logo

Each Leo Camerini handbag is completed with gold hardware engraved with the LC monogram, which stands as an emblem not only of the creative vision of the designer himself, but also the laborious efforts of artisans who have dedicated more than three decades perfecting their craft. Every step in the process of creating a Leo Camerini bag requires the collaborative effort of 15 experts. In order to ensure consistent quality of the label’s creations, every component of each handbag undergoes a 24-hour durability test. The crocodile leather used is also put through a 48-hour test to certify its strength and colour fastness so that clients can rest assured of the perfect that every Leo Camerini bag epitomises – both inside and out.

For its first foray beyond Italy, Leo Camerini has chosen Singapore as its first stop. The label will make its debut in Singapore during the first quarter of 2021, via an e-boutique. “My grandfather first started doing business in Singapore back in the 1960s, and the label’s affinity with the country spans three generations. Taking our first step in Singapore was a natural and sentimental choice,” explains Camerini who has fond regards for Singapore and is excited with the prospects of bringing his particular brand of Italian craftsmanship to these shores.

To find out more about the brand, visit leocamerini.com.

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