Unless you somehow managed to stay away from the Internet this week, you’ve probably seen this pair of viral big red boots stomping around social media. The cartoonish creations have drawn comparisons to characters like Boots from Dora the Explorer, Clifford the Big Red Dog as well as anime icon Astro Boy. But who kicked off this viral trend? What’s the story here? We have so many questions.

The boots are the brainchild of Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF, founded in 2016, with the aim of creating mischievous art concepts poking fun at various facets of everyday life. Best known for the “Satan Shoes” made with Lil Nas X in 2021, which a MSCHF spokesperson told CNN contained drops of the members’ blood, the collective certainly isn’t afraid of stirring a little controversy (Nike later sued MSCHF for trademark infringement, forcing MSCHF to recall all the shoes it sent out to buyers).

Take a peek at the buzz these boots are making online:

Here are some of the celebs who’ve hopped on the trend:

Others weren’t so keen…

What do you think of the big red boots? Whether you’d cop or drop, they’ll be going on sale soon for $350. (Jokes! They sold out in minutes.)