London Fashion Week: 10 Best Looks From Topshop Unique Spring 2017

Inspired by the New Romantics and punks—which started in the late ’70s/early ’80s in the London club scene—Topshop Unique’s runway was made up of both Fall 2016, available immediately, and Spring 2017.

Melding the New Romantics and punks meant mixing up wallpaper florals and ultra feminine silhouettes with the patent, rocker and shredded vibe of rockers like Debbie Harry. Waists were high, ruffles mixed with leather, and florals played with animal print.

For all the punks, there were more subtle pieces, like trousers, skirts and blazers in men’s wear suiting, white shirts and printed blouses and a ton of great coats and trenches—all imminently wearable for the working woman.

And for her off-look, denim showed up in oversized jackets, cargo parachute pants and slick, skinny club dresses. And ironically, 80s-shaped monotone blouses and tapered pants which might have been the working girl’s daytime uniform in the Me Decade looked more appropriate for weekends here.

And Topshop, the place to get your trendy separates, is also making a play for evening, with a group of black sheer dresses veering from off-the-shoulder negligee-like to bondage-inspired fare.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US

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