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During Fashion Month—the time period encompassing New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week—you probably noticed an influx of runway shots, behind-the-scenes photos, model selfies, designer snaps and street style pictures in your feed. The accounts posting or liking that content were among the 64 million people who engaged with posts from NYFW, LFW, MFW and PFW from February 9 to March 7. The result was 387 million likes, comments, posts and stories in total, according to Instagram. Unsurprisingly, that demographic is mostly made up of millennials. Generation Y users were 1.3 times more likely to engage with fashion month content than other age groups.

Instagram helped us break down all that data to make it easier to sift through. The main takeaways? Kendall Jenner still reigns, as the model with the most liked and commented photos on the app for all of fashion month, and for each individual fashion week. (Her buddy Gigi Hadid falls behind at a close second.)

Instagram’s fairly new feature, Stories, was also broken in during during fashion month. It was used the most in New York and Milan. There are also some runway stars on the rise, as told by the models who gained the most followers over the four fashion weeks.

Below, see the models and designers that earned the most likes and comments, the shows that were posted about the most often on stories and the models who grew their follower base the most during fashion month, courtesy of Instagram.

Models Who Gained the Highest Percentage of Followers for All of Fashion Month

These are the models to look out for in the coming seasons.

1. Naki Depass

2. Selena Forrest

3. Alanna Arrington

4. He Cong

5. Teddy Quinlivan

6. Ratner

7. Dilone

8. Thylane Blondeau

9. Mayowa Nicholas

10. Yoon Young Bae

Models with the Most Likes and Comments Throughout All of Fashion Month