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From Berlin, Hong Kong and Bangkok, Louis Vuitton’s travelling “Time Capsule” exhibition has finally reached our shores. Featuring over 50 items that span the year of its founding in 1854 to present times, the exhibition is a select yet comprehensive showcase of Louis Vuitton’s 160 year heritage, with the codes of the house beautifully displayed in five thematic rooms: The Key to the Codes; The Great Journey Around the World; Elegance in Motion; Louis Vuitton and the Arts; and Magic Malle.

Prominently located at the front of ION Orchard, the exhibition presents an immersive experience that’s insightful, eye-opening and, of course, gorgeous – making it a must-visit not only for Louis Vuitton fans, but anyone with a love for the art of travel. Here’s what to expect from the exhibition.

The Key to the Codes

louis vuitton time capsule singapore
Illustration by Elen Winata

Focused on showcasing milestone moments from Louis Vuitton’s history, this room sets out the codes of the house through archival designs that show the far-sighted innovation of the house – from the metal hardware that protect its trunks from knocks and abrasion, introduced at the end of the 1860s, to the myriad of hardy materials like the waterproof Trianon canvas and the Malletage leather for higher resistance to wear and tear. Here, the brand’s archival designs are also juxtaposed with contemporary creations: The Cantine Trunk in Copper from 1895, for example, finds its modern day counterpart in Nicolas Ghesquière’s beloved Petite Malle.

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The Great Journey Around the World

louis vuitton time capsule singapore
Illustration by Elen Winata

From steam powered ships and trains, to automobile and planes, the fast-paced evolution of travel called for timely solutions that beared both elegant form and practical function, in true Louis Vuitton spirit. This room displays a couple of those trunks – from the Wardrobe Trunk for transatlantic travels, to the lightweight Aviette (which was considered a cutting-edge creation at that time with its 35kg weight!) for air travel. Modern day pieces also find their place in this room to show the consistent execution of the house’s aesthetic codes from past to present.

Elegance in Motion

louis vuitton time capsule singapore
Illustration by Elen Winata

Steamer Bags and Car Trunks are not all this exhibition has to offer. The Elegance in Motion room showcases a host of travel items that are a study in sophistication and glamour. (The house’s founder, did, after all, start his career as Empress Eugenie’s prime emballeuer, or travel wardrobe packer.) Custom-made in the finest materials for its bon vivant clients, the items include leather-lined backgammon sets, adorned perfume glass bottles and grooming kits, among many other designs that any sophisticate can take pleasure in.

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Louis Vuitton and the Arts

louis vuitton time capsule singapore
Illustration by Elen Winata

And, of course, who can forget the numerous collaborations that Louis Vuitton has undertaken through the years? Partnering with illustrious names from across the artistic field – from music and theatre, to architects and fine artists – the projects reinforce the brand’s insistence on creativity and ingenuity. This room presents a discerning selection of those results with Richard Prince and Takashi Murakami’s beloved Speedy Bags showcased alongside the more recent best-sellers from Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with Jeff Koons and streetwear brand, Surrender.

Magic Malle

Last but not least is the multi-media Magic Malle room whose name says it all: In the centre of the room is a sizeable trunk that undergoes a series of transformations. We could say more, but that will only spoil the magic. You’ll just have to head down to the exhibition to discover this for yourself and soak in the wondrous universe that is Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Time Capsule Exhibition Singapore
18 October – 5 November 2017
Open Daily 10.00am – 10.00pm
Level 1, ION2, ION Orchard
Free Admission

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