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Louis Vuitton is no stranger to reinventing itself. In fact, it’s one of the few heritage brands that have successfully melded its history with contemporary aesthetics.

Since 1980, the brand has enlisted globetrotting photographers to capture the House’s iconic Monogram bags in unexpected locations in the world. And this time, the French maison is taking us along its journey through a series of new campaign images shot in Iceland by Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen.

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Photo: Courtesy

The photographs are emotional, dreamlike, deeply personal and are a visual representation of how Louis Vuitton is reimagining travel at a time when one can no longer hop on a plane for leisure travels. In its stead, imagination takes flight—to Iceland, to be exact. From black sand beaches to mystical peninsulas and gargantuan glaciers juxtaposed with small lava caves and rays of light, the islands lend themselves as a glorious reverie. 

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The children in these dreamscape represent the inner child set free upon a bright future, where innocence and joy are omnipresent. And because anything and everything is possible in a child’s world, hat boxes become musical tambourines and Alzer trunks become the Eiffel Tower. 

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The images also evoke a sense of longing and hope, and reminds one of what it was like being a child when anything was possible, which are illustrative of Sassen’s fine arts background.