When you think of the cutesy monster icons prevalent in Japanese culture, you’d never expect them to filter through to the world of high fashion. But it’s the unexpectedness of turning these cartoon characters into something that could ostensibly be a fashion accessory that drew Silvia Venturini Fendi to them in the first place.

“Japanese pop culture and the Kigurumi-mania gave me the idea of having two FENDI mascots to attend our events, shows, openings,” Fendi explained. “[This gave me the idea for] the FENDIRUMI, as they perfectly embody the FENDI Fun spirit.”

This has resulted in two perfectly quirky Bag Bug charms inspired by Japanese kirigumi culture: The first, Bag-kun, a royal blue charm complete with a rock n’ roll attitude, and Piro-chan, a sweet pink vision with handcrafted crystal eyes. Both come in luxurious mink accompanied by fox fur “hair” and kiddasia crests. Trust us, this adorable duo will be hanging off every fashionable arm by the time summer comes around.

The FENDIRUMI bag charms will be sold on fendi.com from 25 February in a limited run of 80 pieces between the two models, and will be sold in FENDI Boutiques worldwide starting from July 2016.


By Pakkee