Fashion is slowly opening its doors to a more diverse range of models, and 28 year-old Rebekah Marine is on the forefront of the movement. Born without a forearm, the beauty didn’t let her disability hold her back: Equipped with a myoelectric prosthesis, Marine turned her new bionic arm into an accessory, inspiring many and gaining the attention of the mainstream press, even garnering profiles in publications such as Cosmopolitan and the New York Post. Most recently, the stunning model strutted her stuff on the runway for designer Antonio Urzi, and is looking to return to New York Fashion Week for FTL Moda’s show on September 13.

Aside from the glitz and glamour of her modelling, Marine is also a humanitarian and an inspirational speaker, working with organisations like the Lucky Fin Project to motivate other handicapable youth to pursue their dreams.

Text by Tanya Anthony