Hedi Slimane has a knack for plucking models from runway line-ups and putting them directly into the fashion Zeitgeist. Does the buzzed-head buzzed-about Ruth Bell ring any bells? The blonde rocker-chick Staz Lindes isn’t just another pretty face—while she made her catwalk debut on the SS16 runway of Saint Laurent she is also in the band The Paranoyds. Slimane has been shooting Staz for his Diary project—alongside her also-talented brother, Misha, who is in the band Sad Girl. Here, Staz talks musical families, being shot by Slimane and why she’ll keep her tiara time on the runway.

staz lindes

Harper’s Bazaar: What’s it like to be a Hedi Slimane muse?

Staz Lindes: I’m not quite sure…so far it just feels like I’m being me so that’s cool!

HB: How would you describe your music?

SL: Ideally we’d want to write the music for horror movies…we’re slowly getting there but we are kinda cheesy romantics at heart.

HB: Who are some of your favorite bands, past and present?

SL: Nirvana, X, Sam Cooke, Elvis, Etta James, the Miracles, Hank Williams, Devo.

HB: Last song you listened to?

 SL: I’m currently listening to Johnny Cash live at San Quentin.

HB: What would you never listen to?

 SL: Mainstream radio/Lana Del Rey

HB: How do you think music and fashion influence each other. Any theories on which comes first?

SL: I think this is an ongoing question that will never really be answered because they both come first. Bands that created a fashion style or craze were pushed by their labels which were influenced by low key or high key designers at the time. Then some people travel overseas and find a music-scene related craze, come back to their town and push bands to dress more like that. I think if you are a musician you definitely have a style choice of what reflects your music or how you feel comfortable playing, whether that’s barefoot, in full costume, or just what you usually wear.

Yves Saint Laurent Staz lindes
Photo: Courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent

HB: If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing?

 SL: Probably modeling which is how the balance is now…but I’d be happy learning all kinds of different trades or trying out different things.

HB: Explain the experience of walking the Saint Laurent runway…

SL: Very exciting…it was really nice to walk to such a cool song in cool outfits with some real cool ladies…a few of which are some of my good friends. It was an experience…a bit nerve racking but pretty incredible.

HB: Would you rock the tiara on stage?

 SL: Nah, because you know who has already done that…

HB: Your brother is a musician as well, is your whole family musical?

 SL: Yes! I have two other siblings, the youngest being 9 is totally into music and the eldest doesn’t play anything…but we’ve all always had our own or shared music tastes.

HB: Where are you from originally?

SL: I was born in London and moved to Santa Monica when I was 5.

HB: Where is the most stylish place you’ve ever been?


HB: How would you describe your personal style, does it align with Saint Laurent?

SL: My personal style fluctuates depending how i feel…it’s either put together or sloppy….being a girl or a guy…i think that Saint Laurent goes for that, too.

HB: What are your plans for the holidays?

SL: Being home finally with my family, friends and the band…hopefully going on a good road trip for New Year’s!

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US