If you are serious about fashion, you need to get serious about your handbag choices. After all, a bag is more than just a convenient carrier for your belongings; it’s a form of self-expression which says a lot about your style and personality. 

Having the right bag can also be a real confidence-booster as you show off your good taste and assert your image in public. With a chic carryall like the trendy Bale Bag by Loro Piana, functionality meets fashion in a distinctive piece of arm candy which will complement your style while also serving as a practical accessory. 

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Photo: Courtesy of Loro Piana

The inspiration behind its design

Made of soft and tactile leather, this sleek statement bag oozes sophisticated elegance and is undoubtedly symbolic of Italian luxury fashion house Loro Piana, whose reputation is built upon being the purveyor of the finest textiles and even finer craftsmanship.

As an ode to their tools of the trade, the design of the Bale Bag is inspired by the full-sized bales that are found in Loro Piana’s Valsesia Warehouse in Italy. These voluminous bales are used for storage and transport of precious cashmere fibres which the brand – as the largest cashmere manufacturer around the world – is known for.

Translating the design using leather, the classy handbag showcases a silhouette reminiscent of the original bales in the warehouse. True to the brand’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail, each handle is also dextrously hand-stitched to ensure perfection in craftsmanship. 

The Bale Bag’s versatility makes it the perfect accessory for every occasion – be it a casual outing with your girlfriends or a formal function at work.

Photo: Courtesy of Loro Piana

New garments for a new season

With a trendy bag in hand, it’s time to inject new life into your wardrobe with Loro Piana’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection. 

Featuring fluid and feminine pieces that can be mixed and matched with more masculine ones, the refreshing collection embraces multi-sensorial beauty suitable for every season. Balancing supple textures and unique hues with flower jacquards and plain textures, discover the joy of harmonious contrasts through these new designs. 

Imagine shearling blousons, bouclé ponchos and coats, and cashmere blazers paired with roomy trousers, while the brand’s iconic outerwear styles – such as the Horsey and the Traveller jackets, the Bomber and the Roadster – are cleverly coupled with flowing printed silk dresses, cashmere jumpers and skirts, fluid pants and bermuda shorts, yielding a plethora of head-turning looks.

Drawing inspiration from the nautical world, macs and anoraks are also recreated in waxed linen. Think wide pants cuffed at the hem while flowy ponchos and caftan dresses ooze feminine energy.

Photo: Courtesy of Loro Piana
Photo: Courtesy of Loro Piana

Fine fabrics for the fashionable set

As the world’s leading artisan company processing luxury fibres, Loro Piana’s high-quality textile offerings include prized cashmere from Hircus goats in Mongolia, rare vicuña fibres from the camel family in Peru and Argentina, and sheep’s merino wool from Australia and New Zealand.

It is no surprise then that Loro Piana’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection is brought to life through textures of the most exquisite quality, including cotton, cashmere and silk. Linen is also cleverly woven into each design – from light gauges to tweed, either alone or mixed with cotton and wool. 

Relish in an earthy palette of natural tones — from Pecan Nut to Toasted Hazelnut, from Hay to Rope and Nougat – with dense hints of Rock Moss Green and Navy Blue, and emotional dashes of Red Clay, Pineapple Sorbet and Sunny Yellow.

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The finishing touches

No ensemble is complete without the right accessories. Which is why Loro Piana’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection also includes stylish bags, hats and boots to complement your look.

Besides the Bale Bag, which comes in a variety of sizes to suit your preference, grab a bucket bag, which comes in canvas and supple fabrics with leather detailing and nautical rope straps.

Go from day to night with the chic Cabas and Clutch with modern saddlery stitching, which adds instant glamour for a fancy night affair. For a casual slant, top off your outfit with a crocheted cap or a canvas bucket hat with leather details. 

Before leaving the house, kick things off in a pair of Lakeside boots with distinctive rubber soles, or comfy loafers emblazoned with charms. 

Decked out in choice apparel and accessories from Loro Piana’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection, rest assured you’ll be setting trends every time you step out the door.

For more information, visit Loro Piana’s website.

Loro Piana’s Singapore outlets are located at:

* The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-79

* ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn, #02-18

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