Michael Kors Is Rereleasing An Iconic Cape Worn By Joan Didion And Naomi Campbell
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If ever there were a time you would want to wrap yourself in a blanket all the time, whether at home, outdoors, or on 5th Avenue, it’s the year of our Lord 2020. It sounds as comforting physically as it is psychologically. Michael Kors has you covered, quite literally, in cashgora. The designer has reinterpreted a cape from his fall 1999 collection for fall 2020.

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“This season was all about taking things that are cozy and giving them a touch of glamour that makes them work in an urban environment,” the designer tells BAZAAR.com. “We made a lot of capes, blanket coats, and ponchos, and at a time when we’re all overwhelmed, they’re like the chicest security blankets.”

Michael Kors Is Rereleasing An Iconic Cape Worn By Joan Didion And Naomi Campbell
Kaia Gerber on the Michael Kors fall 2020 runway. (Photo: Victor Virgile/Getty Images)

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The one worn recently by Kaia Gerber on the catwalk, paired with suede riding boots, mirrors a similar style first donned by Naomi Campbell prior to Y2K. They both feature a rich neutral colour, a hood, and striking stripes.

Following the original 1999 runway show, Joan Didion is said to have fallen in love with the cape and was photographed wearing it in a Tina Barney portrait. It was, to put it mildly, a moment for Kors. “When I first saw the photo by Tina Barney of Joan Didion wearing the cape, I was totally knocked out. Her brilliant writing and sense of style have always been a huge inspiration to me.”

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Michael Kors Is Rereleasing An Iconic Cape Worn By Joan Didion And Naomi Campbell
Joan Didion photographed by Tina Barney in her Michael Kors cape, 1999. (Photo: Tina Barney)

The 2020 version just hit stores; it’s a piece that looks equally at home on 19-year-old Gerber as it does on literary icon Didion, which is not accidental. “I’ve always believed in longevity—I think if your designs can stand the test of time, as a designer, that’s something to admire. And to see the cape on these three style icons—Naomi Campbell, Joan Didion, and, 20 years later, Kaia Gerber—that’s timeless.”

So whether you pair it with a cashmere bralette to reread The White Album or add mom jeans and equestrian boots to gear up for a trip to the park, you’ll have that elegant-but-cozy-lady thing on lock.

“The idea of versatility is more important than ever before because we don’t know what life is bringing us,” Kors says. “I think people are realising that when you put something on that makes you feel better, particularly in a dark moment, it can really lift your spirits. But at the same time, it needs to be practical.”

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US