Midnight Madness: 7 Must-Have Bags In The Colour Of The Season

If there’s anything that doesn’t go out of style, it has got to be a dark-coloured bag. Big, small, structured, or shapeless – a bag in midnight tones pretty much goes with every outfit without running the risk of having it clash into an unsightly madness.

Karlie Kloss

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Don’t get me wrong. Bold, vivid colours breathe life to every girl’s wardrobe, but on days where you want to tone things down, these muted arm candies are truly your best style weapons. There’s just something about its understated neutrality that oozes sophistication, which is everything a girl should ever strive for sartorially.

Kate Moss

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Safe to say: Apart from diamonds, a high-quality bag in darker, midnight hues has got to be every girl’s other best friend. Call it basic, but we here prefer to call it timeless.

Available at Loewe, AAKS, Manu Atelier, Stylebop, Maison de Mode, and Hunting Season

By Syed Zulfadhli

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