Miss Piggy Finally Gets The Fashion Homage She Totally Deserves

For the past few seasons kate spade new york has been putting the spotlight on fascinating women, from Broadway legend Bernadette Peters to rising comedienne Ali Wong. Now the brand has dedicated a holiday collection to none other than Miss Piggy, emblazoning sweaters, wallets, clutches and the like with her image, as well as that of her catchphrase, “Who, Moi?!” We’re frankly surprised it’s taken this long: after all, Kermie’s longtime squeeze has been ruling the entertainment and fashion worlds for 40 years (sadly, the pair are ‘on a break’ as of 2015). She even stars in the kate spade new york holiday 2016 campaign, graciously sharing the limelight with model Jourdan Dunn and stylist Catherine Baba.

When pressed for comment, the famously outspoken icon called the range an extension of her life’s work, “inspiring all women to be like moi! Très fabuleux, n’est ce pas?” Absolument, Miss Piggy. Absolument.

The Disney Miss Piggy Collection by kate spade new york will be available in stores in December 2016.

By Ryan Sng

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