Moncler’s Groundbreaking Collaboration With Craig Green Is Now Available In Singapore

We want winter to be here, now. By Michelle Varinata

As the most democratic luxury sportswear brand, Moncler knows what people want. From its stellar star-studded campaign featuring celebrities from all walks of life to its earth-shattering fashion forward collaborations with Valentino, is there anything that Moncler cannot do?

Apparently, the brand hasn’t run out of any tricks up its sleeve as it just dropped a new mind-boggling collection with British designer Craig Green. Rather than releasing a standard-issue puffer jacket with a spectrum of colourways, Green pushes the envelope with a complete collection of sculptural garments in hues of midnight blue, black and white. Blessed with an eye for detail, Green infuses ribbed lines, Michelin Man-esque puffy tiers and XL oversized pockets into vests, pants and jackets. Dubbed 5 Moncler Craig Green, the entire collection pays an ode to our strength at being able to withstand harsh climates and our will to survive.

Although Christmas is four months away, you can stock up on the limited edition collection at ION Orchard or from 22 August 2018.

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