angie chen
Leather jacket, Bally. To Be Adored dress; rings; Charlotte Olympia heels; Angie’s own


The Fifth Collection Curator, daring dresser, fabulous foodie

Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore: What are your fashion insecurities?

Angie Chen: Let’s just say “I love to eat” is an understatement for me. So one of my biggest insecurities, especially after coming back to Singapore after years in London, is my weight gain. I’m not saying I’m fat, it’s just that I don’t fit into my clothes the way I used to. I just hope to eat less than I do now one day.

HB: Do you have any insecurities when it comes to your looks?

AC: I’m heavier on the bottom so I keep skirts sleek in shape and opt for dresses in a trapeze or trumpet cut; but always in bold colours, patterns or details. I love voluminous tops too, and fancy, or even outrageous head pieces that draw attention to my face—statement accessories really boost my mood.

HB: How has your personal style evolved over the years?

AC: It has remained bright and fun, but it’s my shopping process that has evolved. I am a much more conscious shopper now—which reflects my work—as I only like to collect what I call investment pieces that tell a story. So I own a lot of good vintage and well-designed pieces that increase in value over time, or creations by young emerging designers.

angie chen


HB: What would you take with you to a desert island?

AC: I’d bring my Comme des Garçons top. Created entirely out of sponge and muslin, it resembles a life vest that I could probably use as a floatation device for when I need to go spearfish hunting; as well as a custom-made giant purple Thai silk skirt that can double up as a tent for rainy days. Fashion has to be functional too, you know?

HB: How do you hope to give back to society?

AC: Firstly, I hope to encourage women to waste less by buying pieces of value that they can wear for a long time—it’s all about a good curation process. Secondly, I’ve always wanted to set up a hub to cultivate young designers throughout their careers, or a female empowerment initiative where women help women through fashion, styling and confidence tips.

By Dana Koh and Pakkee Tan
Photographed by Gan
Styled by Windy Aulia
Hair/makeup: Grego, Amy Chow, Cindy Goh, Joy Tan/Indigo Artisans, Joanna Koh/Indigo Artisans
Photography assistants: Ang Jong Jye, Samsidi Baderi
Assistant stylist: Debby Kwong
Additional assistance: Tanya Anthony, Nayeun Kim