velda tan
Silk embellished dress, Marc Jacobs. Leather belt, Michael Kors. Collate vest; Collate pants; Louis Vuitton necklace; Cartier bangle; leather sneakers, Velda’s own


Collate the Label Founder, online entrepreneur, sweet sophisticate

Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore: What is a day in the life of Velda Tan?

Velda Tan: Each day is a different day for me, because I have a whole different set of responsibilities every day. I can be out at a shoot one day, and deciding between pictures for our new campaign and taking care of the operations side of things on another. Just a regular day in the life of a business owner.

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HB: What makes a woman truly stylish?

VT: This is quite cliché but I think confidence is always vital to presenting and carrying yourself well. I think that would make anybody stand out. When I go and meet new people, I think it’s always good to present yourself well and to always be polished. These are a few key things that I always pay attention to when I meet people.

HB: What is luxury to you?

VT: Increasingly, I think luxury is being comfortable and investing in quality pieces that will give
you more mileage in the fashion sense of things. The pace of fashion is increasing and with the ever-changing trends, luxury to me has become understated, trans-seasonal items that don’t break the bank.

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velda tan

HB: What would you take with you to a desert island?

VT: I’d have a hard time with that. I’d bring a pair of sneakers, because they’re comfy and you can wear them everywhere. A scarf to keep warm on cold days and also a good pair of sunnies to hide behind on no-makeup days.

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HB: What are your beauty insecurities?

VT: I feel that my eyes are very small, so I use double eyelid tape to create that effect, and just to brighten up my peepers a bit, I like to wear beauty lenses. So that’s how I get over my insecurity.

By Dana Koh and Pakkee Tan
Photographed by Gan
Styled by Windy Aulia
Hair/makeup: Grego, Amy Chow, Cindy Goh, Joy Tan/Indigo Artisans, Joanna Koh/Indigo Artisans
Photography assistants: Ang Jong Jye, Samsidi Baderi
Assistant stylist: Debby Kwong
Additional assistance: Tanya Anthony, Nayeun Kim

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