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No stranger to fashion week, you can easily find Libby Page scoping out the scene to discover the hottest new brands and the next big trends.

Here, we’ve managed to squeeze some time with the Net-a-Porter Market Editor who gives us her take on fashion and the scoop on all the latest trends.

1. What does fashion mean to you?

I think fashion is always changing but ultimately, clothes should make you feel really comfortable and confident. I believe that’s when you’re fully the best version of yourself.

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2. What trends should one look forward to trying this season?

Definitely this kind of nostalgic ‘90s trend. I think that we’ve already seen several decades, referencing eras like the ‘60s, ‘70s and the ‘80s but never has the ‘90s felt more prominent. And, what I love about the trend is that you can just tap into it with a few different items. I think the everyday customer can wear it as much as the fashion customer. 

Other trends that I love include the monochromatic hues which I thought was really strong as it’s a subtle way to make a statement since it’s quite impactful and quite bold. So, it’d still be good for the person who’d want to experiment. And, I also do love the tropic thunder trend, whilst it’s maybe not something I would personally wear, it does feel like a very fresh idea especially for summer.

3. What is the simplest way to translate challenging but interesting runway trends to realway?

Actually I think that this season was a very wearable season, so you could take a look straight from the runway and bring them into real life.

I think one item that I love that I think can sometimes be quite challenging to wear is the short suit. But I think it’s about getting the right length of the short. I personally do try and I’ve felt like a longer-lined short because then it also means that you can wear it with the tall boot in winter. So, it’s quite transitional.

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4. You’re a petite girl yourself. What are some of your best kept secrets to appearing taller?

A tall boot and with a really long trouser that skims the heel.

5. List 3 must-haves in a petite girl’s wardrobe.

1. A blazer. Personally, I would wear an oversized blazer as I’m quite petite, it kind of does give you a more powerful feeling. But then equally, a double-breasted blazer is really good in bringing you into the waist.

2. A mid-heel, 65 millimetres to be precise. Just because it’s higher than a kitten heel so it makes you feel like you’re wearing a heel and it’s very comfortable. I often think it’s a good height that can kind of see you through the day from work to evening.

3. A high-waisted wide-leg pant as it’s very leg-lengthening.

6. What are some trends this season that are heaven-sent for petite girls?

I think the ‘90s actually, there’s a lot of things within that trend that’s petite girls can wear because it’s quite item-based. So, the crop top, the tube top and I think the little black dress is great.

For particular brands, I think Khaite is really good and Totême for their denim actually for petite girls and even brands that do things more classic like Joseph and Theory. I think that if you buy them in the right size, they can be really flattering.

7. Online shopping can be challenging. Do you have any tips and tricks that’ll guarantee a smooth and successful purchase?

I think we have amazing size and fit guides on the site, which will be helpful. It may sound basic, but our size and fit guide is really accurate.

We also have a small drop-down, that says a little bit more about the fit that includes the height listings and video content to gauge what’s really going to work for our customer.

On top of this, we’re utilizing as many tools as we possibly can, and our content and editorial teams who are great at putting together outfits and looks for our customer. So, I think even if you are unsure how something might look on you, we’ve got lots of interesting and inspiring content that’ll help you put looks together.

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8. Which new brands should we lookout for this season?

So, our new Vanguard brands are incredibly special.

Christopher John Rogers is really redefining eveningwear and is doing something new and interesting. Though it’s at a quite a high price-point the fabrications and fit are really, really impeccable. 

Gosha Paris, one of the emerging designers that we’re going to be bringing on, has a really great take on minimalism. So they’re tapping into that ‘90s trend that we say is coming through.

Ioannes is also doing really interesting everyday basics in a new way. So you have the ribbed knitted dresses, and you can roll and wear them as a tank top as well. So he’s really thinking about different ways that you can wear things. 

Lastly, I think that S.JOON will become the next big contemporary bag brand. The items are at a great price-point and are made in the same factory that Mantle, Gabrielle and Motlow were made in, so the standard quality of the design is really there.

9. If you’d have to live in one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

It would be a black rolled neck with a kind of a classic shirt over the top. A high-waisted pant, a suit jacket and my 65-millimetre boots.

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10. Complete the sentence. SS20 is a season of ________.


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