New York Fashion Week: 10 Best Looks From Carolina Herrera Fall 2016

“The look, at every angle, is to please the eye,” ended Carolina Herrera‘s show notes. Ever the determined woman, she delivered a collection that did just that. She also filtered modern silhouettes through her ultra-ladylike lens, proving that a label usually earmarked for women of a certain age and demo can be desired by a younger, cooler set (even if the price is, perhaps, still aspirational).

Herrera is a cool cat. She understands the allure of doing street-like silhouettes, like a pullover, cargo pants, t-shirts and bombers but in her signature House of Herrera way. That is, with a bit of restrained embellishment, the finest fabrics and feminine elegance. A fur pullover, for instance, topped a layered chiffon skirt—both done in a soft sand tone, while later, a snug t-shirt was tucked into an a-line skirt in tiers of soft green chiffon.

Even the humble henley got a luxe upgrade on this runway, transformed into a long flowing look and topped with a grey sheered mink vest. Such fluffy touches accented the collection throughout, bringing a chichi glam factor that never went too far into ostentation (again, Herrera understands restraint).

There was a nice balance between tailored and softness, both in the way certain silhouettes had more structure while others were left to flutter or in the range of colours—what were called powder, sand, mist on the lighter end and mulberry, violet and iris on the deeper end.

Herrera doesn’t have anything to prove. She reels in customers who strive to be like her—a doyenne of high style known for her balletic grace, white shirt and ball-gown skirts. And yet she’s not out of touch with the times. Ladies who lunch, after all, have daughters who need to eat, too.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US

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