Photo: Courtesy of Nikkie Plessen

It’s finally the weekend—just the perfect time to kick back with a nicely chilled glass of rosé and relax to the soothing tunes of summer as you gear up for a weekend of fun with friends. Celebrity fashion designer Nikkie Plessen shares the soundtracks of her summer with us and we’ve got an eclectic mix of remixes that will put you in the partying mood. So whether you’re hanging out with a bunch of your friends or gearing up to head out for a day of fun, her fun, fresh summer-inspired playlist is definitely one to listen to.

1. Summer by Filous

2. Waves by Addal featuring Neena

3. Another Love by Tom Odell (Zwette Edit)

4. Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye (Kygo Remix)

5. Joy by Fabich and Ferdinand Weber

Text by Pakkee