Jitney 2.8 Cash Inside bag

Many of us guard our handbags with our lives, but when you reach a certain level of rich, you buy a $1,300 designer bag, fill it with cash, and dare the plebeians to come open it. A new goal to work toward, kids!

Off-White‘s latest collection of bags takes its tongue-in-cheek “logo” designs to another level. Its new range is emblazoned with the words “cash inside,” along with literal directions to open the bag—making it a thief’s dream come true.

Jitney 2.8 Cash Inside bag



Do people even carry cash anymore? All that’s in my purse are old receipts, gum wrappers, and 10 different lipstick shade options. Maybe that’s part of the joke that rich people are playing on us all. Or is Virgil Abloh simply trolling us? Who’s to know for sure, but either way, you can expect these bags to fully dominate the street style scene come Fashion Month this September.

The bags come in five sizes and styles—from a classic shoulder bag that’s available for $1,035 to a mini cross-body version that retails for $609. But can you really put a price on daring people to rob you in this economy? I think not.

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Cash, it seems, is trying to stage a comeback in the fashun world this season. Along with Abloh’s new crop of Off-White bags, earlier this week, Alexander Wang debuted his latest campaign featuring Anna Ewers sitting on a couch full of cash. You heard it here first: The vintage form of money is now chic again. Your credit cards and Apple Pay are shaking.

his post originally appeared on Harper’s Bazaar US.

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