olicia palermo, baublebar, jewellery
Photo: BaubleBar

Olivia Palermo‘s latest design venture launches September 29 on baublebar.com. One of the most in-demand style influencers, with 2.4 million Instagram followers to prove it, has each of her fashion moves fastidiously documented. Why not give the girls what they want with an approachable-priced collection? Here, the New Yorker delves into social media, her design inspiration and her fashion week philosophy.​

Harpers BAZAAR: What was your inspiration for the collection?

Olivia Palermo: My inspiration came from my vintage costume collection, old jewellery books, and images I’ve saved through the years.

HB: What is your overall jewellery philosophy?

OP: If you find a great piece, it’s not about the cost. It can range from anywhere between $10 to $1000, great is great.

HB: Do you have any jewellery pieces you wear every day?

OP: Yes, I wear my gold chain link bracelet my mother gave me and my Audemars Piguet watch has become my everyday watch. One of my favourite styles in my BaubleBar collection is the oversized crystal collar necklace. It can be its own statement or mixed with long layering necklaces.

olicia palermo, baublebar, jewellery
Photo: BaubleBar

HB: Is there a person in your life who influenced your approach to jewellery?

OP: Both my mother and my aunt, they are both jewellery collectors.

HB: Why is a mix of high-low dressing important to you?

OP: You have to be versatile and create your own sense of style.

HB: What’s one specific item on your list to buy for fall?

OP: For fall I want a pair of thigh high boots and some bold bracelet cuffs…I love wearing one on each wrist for a balanced look.

HB: What are your 3 favourite Instagram accounts to follow?

OP: Johannes Hubel, PrivateGG, Carlos Souza

HB: What’s your favorite red carpet look you’ve ever worn?

OP: Anything Valentino!

HB: What’s your approach to dressing for fashion week?

OP: Don’t over accessorise, but FW always calls for you to dress your best.

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