Paris Fashion Week: 10 Best Looks From Chanel Spring/Summer 2019

With sand, beach, salty waves and quaint wooden shacks, Chanel took us to the beach for the new season

When Karl Lagerfeld does a beach extravaganza, you know it will never just be a hut with palm leaves. Well he did just that — sand, beach, salty waves and a wooden shack, and all — BUT in the middle of the Grand Palais. It’s become some sort of a ritual now with Chanel that their sets more expansive each season. But what came down the runway — initially barefoot on imported sand and sea — were models strapped on cute plastic slippers, and clear mules once they touched the wooden boardwalk. Girls dressed in every shade of candy and pastel came laden for their beach picnic with totes and straw hats, dripping with the cutest shell sling bags and even a double-cross body bag with two pouches. Everything was delicious as a cool Popsicle on a hot summer’s day — and that’s the magic that Karl delivers every season. It’s fashion that’s just luscious!

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