When it comes to the topic of fashion, plus- and midsize creators haven’t always been synonymous with the industry. But gone are those days. As we open our favorite social media apps today, we’re greeted by hundreds of creators who we really relate to—because they look like us. Ahead, the influencers who are creating inspiration for generations to come and proving that fashion is for all.

Thamarr Guerrier

Thamarr Guerrier truly encapsulates all that is feminine, chic, and fun. The Florida-based creative sites Mindy Kaling and Blake Lively as style inspiration, and is the cohost of the podcast Creative Chase, during which she and her cohost, Taylor Wolfe, discuss their careers, the industry, and what a modern-day creative looks like.

Photo by Taylor Wolfe

Isabelle Cohen

Isabelle Cohen is a style icon in the making; the model/content creator can be seen modeling for brands that include H&M and Ellos, while her instagram acts as the ultimate cool-girl inspiration and curve shopping list.

Kellie Brown

Kellie Brown is known for her incredible taste in style and interiors. Her content is filled with humor, personality, and inspiration, making her a firm favorite on our must-follow list.

Catherine Li

From her “This Look in a Size 14” and “Ways to Style …” videos, it’s safe to say that Catherine Li is the Instagram Reel Queen. Her feed is filled with style inspiration, encouraging messaging, and amazing imagery.

Photo by Roxy Rodriguez

Abisola Omole

Okay, slightly biased, I know, but from my regular aesthetic-driven fashion, interiors, and skin care content, to my plus-size fashion features here on Harper’s BAZAAR, I think it’s only fair to include myself on this list of creators to follow.

Photo by Emma Dai

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Louise O’Reilly

Louise O’Reilly is a favorite as she guides so many, myself included, in how to style for the everyday. From her Steal Her Style for All Sizes series that features looks from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Khloé Kardashian to her love of color, texture, and glitter, she’s got your day-to-day style covered.

Raeann Langas

The epitome of California cool girl, Raeann Langas posts effortless and chic content, providing us all with an insight into her life. From her travels to her skin care to, of course, her outfits, Rae’s instagram is filled with vibe-y, sun-drenched content.

Lauren Nicole Campbell

Lauren Nicole Campbell is one of if not the most exciting content creator and model in the industry right now. At just 23, she has not only garnered more than 45,000 instagram followers, she calls Urban Decay and River Island regular clients and is the contributing curve editor of Cosmopolitan UK. Big things are still to come for her, and I’m excited to be getting a front-row look at her journey.

Photo by Andrea C. Da Silva

Kellee Moran

Kellee Moran’s Instagram bio reads, “Model~roller skater~ gamer,” and that really captures her playful spirit. She’s fun, sultry, creative, and a fashion chameleon.

Photo by Paige S. Wilson

Callie Thorpe

Callie Thorpe’s content showcases her kind and approachable nature, making it understandable as to why she is one of the most popular plus-size influencers in the world, with more than 257,000 followers on Instagram and brand partners that include Nike and Anthropologie. On top of her work as a content creator, she and another incredible creator, Lauren Smeets, launched The Confidence Corner, an inclusive, safe space where like-minded women can gather online and in person.

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I’d describe Makeda’s Instagram feed as a look book for literally every occasion. There are hundreds of styles, colors, and pieces, meaning you now have a go-to account for outfits, no matter the occasion.

Mikayla Klewer

Is Mikayla Klewer the coolest person on Instagram? She just might be. From her chic athleisure looks to her go-to sultry, silhouette-focused styling, I want to wear everything she wears. The model/creative is based in Australia and exudes a natural confidence and aesthetic that leaves her audience always wanting more.

Lauren Chan

Lauren Chan is a model, a fashion editor, and the founder/CEO of Henning, a luxury womenswear brand that is ethically made in New York City. There’s truly nothing Lauren can’t do, and watching her work is mesmerizing. Whether she’s walking the NYFW runway for Christian Siriano or showcasing the latest Henning collection, she does it all with so much power and style. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Javiera Q. Del Pozo

Whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, Javiera Q. Del Pozo is dominating, and it’s easy to see why. Between her unapologetic outfits, fun personality, and incredible dance skills, Javi’s one million-plus online community is a testament to her genuine and authentic style and character.

Photo by Thomas Kirk

Kristina Zias

Kristina Zias is a mother, host, model, and all-around style expert. Between her fun family Instagram reels and elevated everyday style, I love her honest and feminine approach to fashion. Alongside her other positions, she cofounded The Confidence Collective (with Raeann Langas, who’s also on this list), a community, and a podcast aimed to inspire you to live your most confident life.

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Essie Golden

In a nutshell, Essie Golden encapsulates that cool, sophisticated, and on-the-go nature that is so often associated with New Yorkers. Whether it’s streetwear or evening gowns, there’s an effortless glamour and confidence to her style that I know you’ll love too.

Kenna Sharp

Whether it’s the best gym wear, the perfect bra, or your new favorite jeans, Kenna is a go-to for wardrobe staples. Make sure you’re following this dewy-skinned, Los Angeles–based model to not only know what you should have in your wardrobe but also to see her journey in the industry.

Ali Tate Cutler

If I had to describe Ali Tate Cutler in two words, they would be effortlessly chic. On top of her consistent outfit inspiration, the model and mental health advocate regularly starts conversations around stigmatized subjects, such as cancel culture, and has built an online community that both loves her style and respects her openness.

Nicolette Mason

Nicolette Mason has been in the fashion industry for more than a decade, inspiring hundreds of thousands of individuals with her cool and luxurious approach to fashion, while being a world-class content creator, fashion designer, brand strategist, creative consultant, and contributing fashion writer. It’s understandable to see why she’s an industry favorite on our must-follow list.

Jamie Hamilton

Jamie Hamilton’s fearless and cool approach to incorporating color and pattern into her style solidified her spot on our must-follow list. Genuine inspiration, Jamie’s account is a masterclass on how to have fun with fashion.

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US.