19 Perfect Polo Tees You Should Be Wearing This Wimbledon Season

It seems like our appreciation of the polo tee comes and goes with the seasons. Contrary to popular belief, the slim-fitting tee has never really left fashion's field of vision: it has just been covered up by consistently swarming waves of trends. It may seem old-fashioned to some, but the truth is that this classic top can very easily emanate the youth, zest and the sophistication of a modern woman, if coloured in the right tones, cropped to the right fit, and styled with the right bottoms and accessories. Classics are classics because they stand the test of time. So let this shopping guide remind you of how versatile this simple suit of flatter can be, so that when you watch your next Wimbledon match, you'll be enjoying England's beloved racquet sport to the fullest. By Charmaine Tan