Style Crush: Natalie Dormer Is The Epitome Of Modern Day Power Dressing

Most would recognize Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones, the HBO series in which Dormer plays Queen Margaery Tyrell—the scheming individual who uses her femininity to further her ambition and has men of power wrapped around her finger. In real life, Dormer definitely wields power on the red carpet with her fashion forward looks, often in pants and suits.

In an interview with Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore‘s Senior Fashion Editor, Dormer shares her love for fashion.

“My exposure to fashion is through the great actresses I love, who had relationships with designers from the past,” she says as she opens up about her life. When asked who she would choose as her ultimate idol, the actress immediately responds, “Vivien Leigh, 100 percent!” But then, looking down at her outfit, she says, “I put these trousers on and suddenly, I’m Katharine Hepburn. These pants, that strength… It’s her, definitely. And, Grace Kelly as well,” she trails off.

As with her style icons, Dormer confesses to being somewhat of a magpie when it comes to her personal wardrobe. “The interesting thing about being an actress is that you’re dressed by other people so often. So I pick up things that I’ve been introduced to by different costume designers or design houses. Like, now, I’ve got an amazing Max Mara coat on and it will go everywhere with me. But I dress like a Londoner in my down time, with a nod to femininity and some funk and edge in there too,” she adds, smiling.

By Debby Kwong

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