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Photo: Prada

The fight against global warming is one we all have a stake in, but few people have the same capacity to effect change as massive fashion brands, especially while fashion retains its spot amongst the top-most polluting industries in the world. Now more than ever, innovations to lower fashion’s environmental impact have become vital. Thankfully, industry giants like Prada are listening and ready to act.

Enter Re-Nylon – Prada’s new project featuring a brand new regenerated nylon called ECONYL. Created by Prada in partnership with textile producers Aquafil, ECONYL is produced by recycling and purifying plastic found in waste collected from oceans, fishing nets, and textile fiber waste. More noteworthy yet, this regenerated nylon can be recycled infinitely with no loss in quality, using special depolymerisation and re-polymerisation processes.

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Photo: Prada

To introduce the material to their client base, Prada is launching a line of their most-loved bags reworked in ECONYL. The new line includes six classic, unisex styles: the belt bag, the shoulder bag, a tote bag, a duffle, and two Prada backpacks. The range also bears a reinvented Prada logo that emphasizes the shift from age-old linear supply chains to a sustainable, circular one – in a way, a badge of honour for the environmentally conscious shoppers who will choose these ‘clean’ bags over others.

Photo: Prada

The new line is the first step towards a cleaner future, but the brand does not intend to stop there. “Our ultimate goal will be to convert all Prada virgin nylon into Re-Nylon by the end of 2021,” said Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Group Head of Marketing and Communication. This move could potentially cut nylon production’s impact on the earth by a colossal 80%.

Nylon is an emblem of the Italian House’s heritage (nylon backpacks were Miuccia Prada‘s first commercial hit when she inherited the company, preceding a lifetime of success with the fabric), so project Re-nylon signals a fundamental shift Prada’s approach to fashion, and sets an example that every contemporary fashion brand should hope to follow, paving the way to a cleaner world where sustainable fashion and environmental health can coexist.

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