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“Each woman, however, is unique, singular – an individual heroine, a different face, a new facet of Prada and different side to Prada 365”

Without her luscious flaxen locks, and feathery bushy brows, Gigi Hadid is almost unrecognizable in Prada’s SS19 campaign film. Instead, sporting a military-inspired red coat, an oversized pink headband and Twiggy-esque wet lashes, she is Sidonie. Starring alongside fellow Supermodels Liu Wen, Anok Yai, Freja Beha Erichsen and Maike Inga, each of their identities are pseudonyms of Prada bags- Sidonie, Odette, Belle, Sybille, Margit, respectively.

Entitled “Double Exposure”, Prada 365 takes on a cinematic approach with cues taken from iconic moments of the silver screen. Directed by Willy Vanderperre, alongside cinematographer Benoit Debie, the models embody different personas in the films- a personification and extension of the attitudes of the clothes they wear. This notion of multiplicity and duality is central to the heartbeat of Prada’s SS19 collection.

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Prada 365 makes its debut on popular music-streaming service, Spotify. With scores by Frédéric Sanchez, immerse yourself in the sonic backdrops reminiscent of classic cinematic genres like suspense and romance.

Check out Prada’s Spring/Summer 2019 Womenswear Campaign Shorts below, where Liu Wen stars as the titular character of the horror-inspired film:

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