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Raisa Andriana doesn’t need an introduction. The Indonesian music powerhouse and multi-hyphenate, is the recipient of several music accolades from various awards ceremonies—including the Indonesian Music Awards, Music Planet Awards, and Mnet Asian Music Awards.

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Raisa Andriana, here in Singapore. Courtesy: Burberry.

Earlier this month, Andriana made her way to Singapore to attend the Burberry TB Monogram Summer Takeover on our sunny shores at Tanjong Beach Club, where BAZAAR Singapore was given an exclusive interview with the singer-songwriter and actress, as she discusses her career thus far, her love for all things Burberry, and the launch of her very own beauty brand.

What would you say are your proudest moments of your impressive 15-year music career thus far?

Definitely my third album, because it was my first time producing and working on it as an executive producer with my very own recording label, and the tracks in it felt very authentically me. Also, I’m very proud of my latest concert — my first since after the pandemic. Everyone, including the musicians, lighting staff, the entire production crew, and myself were so hyped and brought a lovely energy just to be back working on a live performance.

If you weren’t a singer, songwriter, and actress, what would your alternative career path be?

I love interior decorating, so probably a career in this field. Or something to do with beauty and all it encompasses, perhaps being a make-up artist or beauty editor.

Tell us something about your new beauty brand Raine Beauty.

I love makeup and I really wanted to have my own beauty brand. Back in 2016, I was already doodling, sketching the beauty products I had in mind, and conceptualising the brand and its meaning. That was before I got married and had a baby, and my perceptions on what makeup means to me had changed. Before, I felt that make-up had a bad reputation as many associate its use to vanity and insecurity.

But I have always felt that makeup can be so self-empowering and it’s all about celebrating the best version of yourself—and all of that to me is what self care and self love is all about. Which is why the tagline for Raine Beauty is “Feel as good as you look”. Because, if you look good but you don’t feel good, then it all doesn’t matter.

Was it important to you that the packaging for Raine Beauty is environmentally conscious?

Yes, because my husband is an environmentalist. Among many other things, he recently launched an app about recycling in Jakarta, and that was all I heard at home as he was developing it. That made me very aware of the damaging effects of waste and non-recyclable materials in landfills. I also became conscious of the fact that the beauty industry is a huge contributor to consumer waste, and I did not want to be any part of that with the launch of Raine Beauty.

Which is why the brand is vegan, cruelty-free, and our packaging is made of 56-60% PCR (Post Consumer Recyclable) plastic. And as consumers’ demand for greener change grows, my hope is that our packaging can eventually be produced with 100% PCR.

Surprisingly, sourcing the right material for Raine Beauty’s product packaging has been one of the most challenging aspects of the brand’s development. This struck me as something that definitely needs to change in the beauty industry and beyond. 

In light of having to cancel your concert “Raisa Live in Concert 2020” due to the pandemic, what would you say is the biggest takeaway you have learnt from the occasion?

My production crew and I have regrouped recently to reflect on this, and truly everyone thought, in light of the last two years, that it was a blessing in disguise. With the launch of my latest album, which I feel is my most personal and meaningful work, I am glad that the concert was postponed and it’s this album that I get to share with all of my fans.

After your duets with Brian McKnight, Peabo Bryson, Babyface and Sam Kim, do you have any other singers/musicians that you want to collaborate with? And why?

I would love to work with Crush! He’s one of my favourite Korean R&B singers, aside from Sam Kim.

Which style icons do you look up to, and why?

Right now, I would go with Hailey Bieber. I love the way she styles her hair, and she always carries herself so effortlessly in all her looks for every day. When it comes to performance looks, I’d say my style icon is Adele. There’s just this observable evolution in how she dresses when she’s on stage, from performing her albums 19 through to 30, that feels very real and organic. She hasn’t lost her identity after all this time, and it’s something that’s not easy to keep up with in the spotlight.

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You’re here in Singapore to celebrate Burberry’s very first Summer Monogram Beach Takeover in Singapore at Tanjong Beach Club. What do you love most about this heritage British label, and what are some of your favourite pieces from their latest collection?

I really love the DNA of the brand, how it always stayed true to classicism in all their collections, and the events they host as well. I’m so grateful to be here and being so well taken care of on this trip too. When it comes to Burberry, I have always felt that anything from the label is a forever piece— the iconic trench coat, the signature plaid — but my favourites from this latest lineup is this TB Monogram shirt I’m wearing. It’s just perfect as a beach cover-up, loungewear, and it looks good to go out in too when you’re headed wherever your destination is.

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Besides its versatility, I also love the use of this vibrant orange throughout the monogram which reminds me of all things positive and the joys of summer. Oh, and I am also obsessed with the kids’ clothes too.

You previously attended the exclusive Burberry TB Monogram pop-up store launch held at Plaza Indonesia. What was that experience like?

It was pretty cute, and visually stunning from the use of this shade of orange in the space, and it’s definitely a hangout spot that I can imagine all the coolest people will be at.

What are three words that best describe yourself?

That’s difficult! I’ll go with caring, introspective, and humorous — exactly the way I carry myself through life.

You have a massive following on Instagram, with over 30 million fans. How do you manage your global fame online and offline?

With social media, I try to portray the best version of myself. That said, I only post on the platforms when I feel good and vice versa. It matters to me that I connect with my followers with my real life, when sharing my music and personal life with everyone. And it can all be such a huge responsibility, when you think about all the people who look up to you, therefore I try to be very careful with the things I say and do, lest my followers take away the wrong messages.

What are your top tips for aspiring singers?

Be a sponge, keep your mind open, and learn from everyone and anyone. When I first started out, I did not think “I made it!” It was all just the beginning for me, and I ask everyone more established in the music world than I am for their tips and keep that going. Of course, you should enjoy yourself in the process and still have the same passion no matter how far you’ve come. And never compare what success means to you with anyone else. Success is a very personal journey and your own opinion on what that means should only ever matter to you.

What would you like to say to your fans?

Thank you. Thank you for letting me be myself and not change for anything. Their support is a beautiful gift, and their belief that I am always doing my best work is a huge motivation when I develop my music.

Lastly, what can we expect from you in the near future?

I am about to head back into the studio, and I will be releasing a couple of singles really soon. Lastly, Raine Beauty will be launching on 28 July.

For more details on Raine Beauty, click here.