15 Celebrities Whose Red-Carpet Looks Have Been Inspired By Their Movies

From Margot Robbie's nod to Sharon Tate to Beyoncé's Nala

A movie premiere is of course an opportunity for stars to promote their work, but also, in some cases, it provides a great outlet to put across the feel of the film or to nod to the character that they have spent the last few months playing. This can be difficult to master – literal dressing is not fancy dress, but it is a great way to be playful and to have fun with fashion.

“Sometimes you want to celebrate a character, a feeling, or more general aesthetic from the film,” celebrity stylist Leith Clark tells us. “But it comes more from a place of celebration and inspiration, rather than emulation.”

Scroll through to see 15 times actresses found inspiration from the films they were promoting on the red carpet – and got literal dressing just right.

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR UK.

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