BAZAAR Spotlight: Meet The Sexy Korean Rapper With A Killer Bod, HyunA

The K-pop industry can be like a maze to some people with its myriad of good-looking talents. Not to mention, it is also constantly changing with new groups and solo artists debuting every year in hopes of becoming a star. It’s hard to keep up! BAZAAR is highlighting the most stylish and buzzed about stars that should be on your radar (or at the very least your social media feeds). In this episode, we are giving you everything you need to know about k-pop idol, Kim Hyun-Ah or as she is better known, ‘HyunA’. This 25-year-old rapper, dancer and singer has been in the public eye since the tender age of 14 and has grown up in front of an audience ever since. Her popularity has grown steadily over the years, as she fronts girl group 4minute for 7 years on top her own solo career. Her Instagram (@hyunah_aa) following is now standing at 5.2 million followers and steadily increasing. This k-pop star isn’t about to fade away any time soon!

Here are 5 things you need to know about this sexy songstress and her sizzling hot style:

1. HyunA debuted as a teenager in the famous girl group ‘Wonder Girls’

Wonder girls

I’m sure anyone who was around in the year 2008 would’ve heard their viral earworm “Nobody”. What many might not know is that HyunA was actually part of the Wonder Girls when they first debuted with songs like ‘Irony’. However, she left the group due to health issues she was facing at that time and was replaced by another member, literally days before the group took off and gained incredible success. Unfazed, HyunA transferred to Cube Entertainment and became part of 4minute. They too attained massive popularity. Till today, HyunA remains good friends with the members of Wonder Girls.

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2. She was trainee for three major entertainment companies


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Though we know she moved from JYP Entertainment (Wonder Girls) to Cube Entertainment, in between she actually auditioned for SM Entertainment as well, landing first place in the dance category at SM’s Best Youth Selection. Which explains why HyunA has always been in the public eye and has basically grown up in Korea’s entertainment industry. We have to applaud her spunk and determination in her early years that brought her to these heights today.

3. HyunA’s not your regular “family-friendly” k-pop idol

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While most idol stars in Korea have large, young fan bases, HyunA’s fans are mostly older. To be fair, she isn’t the wholesome celebrity that most girl groups aim to be in this industry. HyunA doesn’t shy away from provocative dance moves and risque outfits, embracing her sexuality in a country that is, till today, very conservative. As a solo artist, her music videos like “Bubble Pop”, “Ice Cream” and “Red” have been slapped with a 19+ (mature) rating by South Korea’s Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. On top of that, she has several tattoos as well. Her most meaningful one is visible on her left shoulder which says “My Mother is the heart that keeps me alive”.

4. HyunA has not had a smooth ride to the top all along

Despite being so successful now and even garnering international attention with Vogue magazine dubbing her as “K-Pop’s Sexiest Export”, the road to the top for HyunA has not always been an easy ride. She has faced numerous public criticism for her provocative dance moves and owning her own sexuality. Often times, people misunderstood her public image as a reflection of true self, resulting in a HyunA slut-shaming campaign that threatened to bring her down. She was even blamed for her band, 4minute disbanding in 2016. In the interview above, HyunA opens up about her trials and tribulations, as well as her honest feelings about her band’s disbandment and how it affected her. Despite the tough times, HyunA persevered on building her own solo career which have come to fruition with the release of her fifth mini album “A’wesome”. She is one tough cookie!

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5. HyunA’s style is sexy, girl-next-door themed


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A post shared by Hyun Ah (@hyunah_aa) on

Though her overall style has changed over the years, she has always had that sexy-with-dash-of-innocence type of vibe that we all find irresistible. Her go-to casual style is a white tank top tucked into dark denim skinnies paired with high heels. It’s feminine, effortless and shows off her incredible figure. These days, HyunA has gone for a more ethereal vibe with floral mini-dresses and quirky makeup, as she performs under a new sub-unit band called “Triple H”. Nevertheless. her off-duty style has remained the same spunky yet feminine street style clothing.

In terms of makeup, HyunA has never been one to do an elaborate smokey eye. She sticks to red tinted lips or a bold shade, paired with pale, almost translucent skin. Her favourite feature on her face are her lips and so, she takes any chance to draw attention to them. Opt for bare eyes and evened out skin, with just a hint of blush. Then pair the look with your favourite bold coloured lippie for the perfect “HyunA” girl-next-door look!

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By Hanan Haddad

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