Rihanna’s Fashion Line Is On Its Way

Which has a dollar sign in its name.


Rihanna performing at the Victoria Secret’s fashion show, 2012

In a move so obvious that you’d swear it already happened, Rihanna has finally scored a trademark for her own fashion empire.

The hitmaker’s company Roraj Trade LLC registered and trademarked ‘$CHOOL KILLS’— yes, with that exact stylization of dollar sign and lower-case “lls”—in New York last month under the categories ‘leather products’ and ‘clothing products’. The move reportedly marks the beginning of a foray into a new career path for Rihanna, starting with accessories.

“She still loves the music,” a source said, “and it’s what launched her, but this is her focus right now.”


Rihanna arriving at the 2015 Met Gala in Guo Pei

As a tireless rip-jean advocate, sheer aficionado and lover of statement sunglasses, the move has many wondering why the bajan beauty hasn’t done this sooner? After all, she knows how to market a label from her experience of being the face of Dior, and has already proved she can design by creating a capsule collection for River Island.

If the singer’s make-up range for MAC, which sold out in minutes, is any indication, $CHOOL Kills will be a success. Here’s some Rihanna signatures we hope make the collection:

Ripped jeans

Rihanna out and about in Paris, 2015


Sheer Rihanna

Rihanna arriving at the “Met Gala” afterparty in New York, 2015


Rihanna coat2

Rihanna in a Raf Simons coat while out and about in New York, 2015


Rihanna Hat

Rihanna at the Lanvin show, 2014


Rihanna sunglasses

Rihanna at the Dior runway show in Tokyo, 2015


Rihanna Tshirt

Rihanna in a Hyien Seo tee out and about in New York, 2015


Rihanna booties

Rihanna with Madonna at the Tidal launch event, 2015

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