This was created by Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore for Rimowa

Who knew that the birth of one the most instantly recognisable pieces in fashion history was born from a fire of all things? Since the 19030s, Rimowa’s pioneering use of aluminium for its luggage cases have forever changed the way we travel, increasing durability and storage space while cutting weight at the same time. The iconic grooves of the luggage were added in the 1950s for both practical and aesthetic reasons, and have since become a touch point of luxurious air travel right up to its modern incarnation.

Fast forward to today, and Rimowa’s classic Topas suitcase is still being crafted with the same attention to detail and care that it was made with all those years ago. The aluminium body is given a handcrafted patina in the process, which gives it a luxe factor that is oh-so-desirable.

Four iconic pieces of Rimowa luggage that represent the key milestones of the company’s history: The wardrobe case, the small case, the camera case and the 2017 Topas. Photo: Courtesy of Rimowa

Also, to mark its 80th anniversary, the brand has invited celebrities such as fashion personalities Karl Lagerfeld, Carine Roitfeld, Virgil Abloh, entrepreneur Martha Stewart, and chef Massimo Bottura, to share images of their own aluminium luggage and, in turn, give a peek into the way that they each travel. Photographer Frank Hülsbömer has lensed the pieces and they will be presented via the brand’s social media channels, as well as its website, accompanied by quotes on travel by the personalities involved in the project. You can see Karl Lagerfeld’s luggage below:


The creation of the classic Rimowa Topas suitcase by the numbers:

205 individual parts
117 minutes to craft, exactly
90 work processes or more