Rimowa Amy Lim
Personal Aluminium hand clutch, RIMOWA. Dress; bodysuit (worn underneath), Lim’s own.

Let’s face it, travel charts high on many Singaporean’s to-do list; we are constantly finding respite from our busy cosmopolitan lives. Ever since our borders reopened, the most popular water cooler topics have all been travel-related.

It’s hard not to get sentimental when it comes to travelling. For many of us, travel—whether a perfect holiday escape to an exotic locale or an easy weekend getaway—is a huge part of our core memories.

RIMOWA, known for its trusted suitcases, understands that. In essence, the brand’s German engineering is underlined by the functional excellence of creating suitcases that last a lifetime—just like the moments that you’d create from your travels.

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Rimowa Amy Lim
Original Compact suitcase, Rimowa. Top; skirt; rings; boots (worn throughout), Lim’s own.

Interior designer and partner at a photography studio Amy Lim is a seasoned globetrotter and lover of functional luxury. Here, she shares some of her most memorable travel tales.

What was your most memorable trip? Where was it and why?

Every trip has been memorable in some way or other, but if I had to pick, probably Osaka in Winter of 2016. My husband, Marc, had not really spent time in Osaka before, and we decided to make a trip there to spend some time with friends; he proposed on the third morning. 

What are the three most important things you pack when you travel?

My passport, my wallet and my phone for emergencies.

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Rimowa Amy Lim
Original Cabin suitcase, Rimowa. Blazer, Acne Studios at Net-a-Porter. Top (worn underneath); jeans, Lim’s own.

Where is your dream destination? And why?

There isn’t really a dream destination for me, though I do have a soft spot for Japan and Paris. There are tons of cities I would love to travel to if given the opportunity and time. 

Where do you find inspiration? Or where are you most inspired?

When I’m at a peaceful and tranquil place, with as little mobile connectivity as possible. While I don’t think I could live in a slow-paced environment in the long term, I do find myself becoming increasingly numb to what’s around me—the constant hustle and bustle and my phone that’s buzzing all the time. Prior to the pandemic, I would make frequent trips to Tokyo, where friends and I would head up to Myoko Kogen to stay at a friend’s cabin. That would help me to ‘reset’, even if it was just a weekend trip.”

Recently, I found myself back in my parent’s hometown again, the small town of Muar, just walking around admiring the architecture and going on night drives. It was wonderful—it probably helped that you can hardly any traffic lights there.

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Rimowa Amy Lim
Personal Aluminium Cross-body bag, Rimowa. Dress, Lim’s own.

What do you like the most about travelling?

Food. I love food! Maybe also catching up with friends and making new ones; basically the overall experience. 

Photography: Shawn Paul Tan
Styling: Daryll Alexius Yeo
Makeup and hair: Sha Shamsi 
Photographer’s assistant: Melvin Leong 
Stylist’s assistant: Crystal Lim

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