Sarah Jessica Parker is known for putting things, even birds, in her hair. Last year, she wore headgear made of her own hair shaped into a loaf of challah bread and braided with fabric. The year prior, her headpiece was so punk it could take eight eyes out. This year, she turned up at the MET Gala in a meme-ready Philip Treacy piece inspired by Chinese opera singers.

Seriously, no one simply waltz down the red carpet with a hat that is three times the size of your head and that weighs a third of your body weight and don’t expect people to talk. Of course they did. Here are the funniest Internet reactions to SJP’s showstopping number:

1. When she rose as the new Fire Lord


2. When she volunteered as Tribute


3. When she became the Shape-Shifting Master of Darkness

SJP34. When she’s a Santa Claus hater

SJP45. When she was in a PokeBattle


6. When she was Emoji-approved

SJP57. When she went after The Incredibles next


8. When she was a true sports fan


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